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Welcome to our new, revised website. Whether you are a past client, friend, or someone just looking for legal help, we appreciate your interest in Hertel Law, S.C. I’m used to saying “we” when it comes to this firm, as we have always provided help to those in need through a team effort. Our paralegals, Sue, Brenda and Arlene are a vital part of how we respond to, communicate with, and plan and prepare for meeting our clients’ needs. In the past, I have had a number of attorneys who have been mentored by and/or worked for or with me, and have always relied on them for covering client cases when I could not. Two former partners, Steve Gibbs and Sarah Harless, have gone on to become Circuit Court Judges, reflecting the quality of reputation this firm has enjoyed. Most recently, I have become a sole practitioner for the first time in my nearly 43 years of practicing law, which means that if you hire this firm, I will be your attorney. As talented and capable as my colleagues have been, I have made a commitment to be the attorney you still want on your side for a long time to come. As I often respond when asked when I’ll retire, I have two responses:

1) When there are no more crimes or injury accidents; or

2) When I finally appear in the 24 Wisconsin counties where I have not yet appeared in their courts.

I greatly enjoy helping people through difficult circumstances and like to think I have made a difference in how I have affected the results in their lives. I intend for that to continue. Just ask our landlord who is negotiating a new lease through mid-2021 at the minimum. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free initial consultations, email us with your concerns, or stop in if you’re a former client and just wish to say hello. Also feel free to look at our revitalized Facebook page as well. It is our goal to provide you the best possible legal representation and advice whether in having to go to trial, or determining a way that it is not necessary in satisfactory mediation or negotiations. We want you to continue to view us as the law firm you still want on your side. Thanks, Harry.

Optical illusion crosswalk tries to address distracted driving

As summer approaches, the topic of distracted driving is an increasingly important one. The weather is getting better and children are playing outdoors, meaning that drivers need to be especially careful and attentive behind the wheel. Teen drivers, who are some of the most likely to drive distracted, will be spending more time behind the wheel as they work summer jobs and travel.

Unfortunately, there is no easy cure for distracted driving. It must be a personal choice to put away your cellphone and pay attention to the road. That being said, sending that safety message to drivers sometimes requires an attention-grabbing display. Recently, a pair of elementary students devised such a display, and it is getting news coverage around the country.

Serious car crash injuries aren't always obvious at first

Motor vehicle accidents occur every day, and the vast majority of them only result in minor injuries. If you get into a serious crash and don't suffer an obvious injury, you might believe that you have avoided the worst potential consequences. However, that isn't always the case.

In fact, some of the most serious injuries that you could suffer in a car crash may not have immediate symptoms. Understanding this can inform the way that you respond to a collision. Just because you can walk away doesn't mean you should avoid adequate medical review after a crash. You should also stay alert and aware of potential symptoms for many days or even weeks after the crash.

Clowns arrive in Eau Claire in time for Halloween

A few lines from an old Joni Mitchell song go, "But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns. Don't bother; they're here."

Those lines are eerily applicable here in Eau Claire, as earlier this month scary clowns were spotted on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.

Semitruck accident cases hinge on the facts of the crash

Two weeks ago, we discussed some of the factors that can affect semitruck accidents. We touched on how violations of regulations and laws can lead to these accidents. If you were in an accident caused by a semitruck driver who wasn't complying with the law, you have the option to seek compensation in Wisconsin for the injuries that you suffered.

We know that you might feel like you don't have the time or energy to do the digging into records that might be required for your case. We have some good news for you -- we are here to do that digging on your behalf.

What is violent crime?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, violent crime is any illegal activity that includes the threat of force or actual force. The FBI categorizes violent crime into four subsets. Those are murder, robbery, forced rape and aggravated assault.

When dealing with a violent crime charge, it's very important to understand exactly what you are being charged with. Many people consider robbery to just be theft, for example, and that's not true. Robbery requires an element of force, whereas burglary or other forms of theft do not. Someone who simply walked into a home and took something that didn't belong to them might not have committed robbery, for example.

Violations of laws and regulations might be factors in crashes

Semitruck accidents are very serious incidents that can leave the victims fighting for life or worse. For the people who have been injured in these accidents, the horror of being in them is often something that is overwhelming for some time. After the initial shock wears off, the desire to do something about the accident might come into the picture. Knowing some of the basic points about truck accident law can help you to decide what you are going to do about the tragic situation.

There are several different places that you have to look for laws that apply to semitrucks and their drivers. The federal government has laws and regulations on the books regarding the trucking industry. Each state has laws and regulations that apply. This can make it rather complicated to determine which laws and regulations apply to which cases.

Learn how your charge can affect your defense

Facing a criminal charge can lead some people to do things that don't really make much sense. One of these things is to watch television shows or movies and think that the tactics that are used in these will work for your defense.

We know that isn't the way things work in the real world. We are here to help you learn what options for defense you have based on the circumstances of your case.

2 men hurt crashing a Viper at 100 miles per hour

Two men were driving a Dodge Viper -- the 2001 model -- at speeds that police say went over 100 miles per hour. They eventually crashed the supercar, and both of them were taken away from the scene with serious injuries.

The accident happened in Sherman, and the emergency call was made to the Sheboygan County Emergency Dispatch Center right around 1:50 in the afternoon. Only the Viper was involved in the wreck.

Drugged driving poses a unique problem

Impaired driving is something that is very harmful to people who are on the roads. Not all impaired driving has to do with alcohol. Some cases have to do with a driver who is impaired because of drug usage. This poses a unique problem for law enforcement officers, as well as for defendants because it isn't as easy to determine the level of drugs in a person's system as it is to determine the level of alcohol in a person's system.

When it comes to the blood in a person's system, measuring the amount of alcohol in the blood is fairly easy to measure with pretty accurate results. This is because the body burns alcohol at a fast rate that is seemingly consistent from one person to the next.

Drivers, manufacturers and more might be liable for crashes

On Aug. 25, our blog post discussed how people might misunderstand automatic brakes and what they can do. That blog post brought up the thought of how complicated it might be when a vehicle component is considered a factor in a car accident. When that happens, determining who is liable for the injuries you suffered might be difficult. In those cases, we have to start at the beginning of the incident and look at everything possible to determine who should have to pay for the damages.

These cases might start with the design of the vehicle that struck you. They can include looking for other accidents that were similar to your accident to determine if there is a chain of accidents with the same elements. If we unearth that type of scenario, looking into the safety of the vehicle or component is necessary.

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