If you’re charged with a crime, you may be frightened of what is to come. A conviction can be long-lasting, and it could result in fines, time spent in prison, a license suspension or other restrictions that affect your life. However, if you have a strong defense, the charges of violent crimes against you may not have as big of an impact before you go to trial; and in some ways, you may be able to protect yourself and reputation.

Eau Claire readers who have been keeping up with criminal law news might have noticed that a man who was believed to have killed his ex-girlfriend has been arrested. According to police in Wisconsin, the man is suspected in the murder of the woman, and they believe he may have also disposed of her body in 2012. The man was allegedly arrested in Janesville, Wisconsin, according to the news from Nov. 14.

Police claim that the man fled during an investigation looking into the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend and co-worker. She allegedly disappeared after she told a friend she was going to visit the man’s home in 2012. According to police, the woman’s blood was found in the man’s apartment during the investigation, and store surveillance shows that the man had purchased an electric saw and cleaning supplies around the time when the woman disappeared. It was also claimed that the man bought those items while driving the woman’s Jeep Cherokee, but that vehicle, along with the woman, was never found by police or investigators.

Although evidence does seem to pile up in this case, the man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend has not been found guilty and should have a fair and just trial. He deserves to receive fair treatment by police, a jury and judge and to have the facts looked at clearly.

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