Wisconsin natives might have heard about the Milwaukee man who has now been charged with taking a gun into Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. In this news about his alleged violent crimes, it was reported that he fractured an infant’s skull by throwing or dropping the child before a lockdown was put into place in the hospital. The 22-year-old man is allegedly charged with two counts of bail jumping and for possessing a gun as a felon. Police confronted the man in the neonatal unit, according to the report.

According to the news, prosecutors filed an amended complaint to charge him with the physical abuse of a child. The 22-year-old man allegedly pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. The incident, which took place on Nov. 14, started when the police received a call about the man being at the hospital. She reported that he allegedly had a history of mistreating a mother and baby.

When police responded, they allegedly found the man holding a nearly 2-month-old baby on a futon. At that point, police asked him to put the child in a car seat, but it is believed that the man asked the police officer to take the baby. When asked to show his hands, the man allegedly ran from the room, and the officer wasn’t sure what happened to the baby, according to the documents, but the 22-year-old didn’t take the baby when he ran. Police chased the 22-year-old man, shot and wounded him in the arm before taking him into custody.

Shortly after the incident, a nurse allegedly found the baby face-up on the floor, and the child had allegedly suffered a fracture in its skull due to a drop, being thrown or falling. This has raised questions, because it’s not clear how this was missed by the police and how they handled the situation is believed to be in question.

This situation isn’t clear, and it’s not obvious why the police shoot the man who didn’t seem to be doing any harm. The man will need to present a strong defense at trial. No matter what criminal charges a defendant may face, he or she has a right to qualified representation and a protection of their rights before and during trial.

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