A Wisconsin woman may soon be facing criminal charges in connection with the death of her ex-boyfriend’s beloved pet after she allegedly broke into his house and killed the animal. The 32-year-old woman, from La Crosse, will likely be required to mount a criminal defense in the matter, as she soon could face charges for the home invasion. The woman’s ex-boyfriend has expressed his desire for the district attorney to drop all charges in the matter; however, it is still not clear whether legal authorities will comply with this request.

Official reports show that the dog, a Basset hound, was found dead on the floor because of respiratory failure on Nov. 14. Authorities suspect that the woman choked the animal to death after arguing with her ex-lover. Documents also show that the dog suffered from a collapsed lung, along with fractured ribs and even apparent stab wounds. Authorities also say that the woman’s blood alcohol content at the time of the incident measured at 0.10 percent, which is higher than the legal limit for safely driving.

It is not clear whether the woman is in custody at this time.

Even though the woman’s ex-boyfriend does not believe that she should be charged with a crime in this instance, prosecutors they may still decide to file felony or misdemeanor charges against the woman for breaking and entering and perhaps even the death of the dog. That can be considered property damage. No matter the nature of the crime, Wisconsin criminal defendants deserve access to a fair, unbiased criminal proceeding, which should allow them to defend their actions appropriately. A criminal defense attorney in the state of Wisconsin can help these defendants learn more about their legal rights, helping them enjoying the required protections of the American court system.

Source: NY Daily News, “Wisconsin woman strangles ex’s dog after break-in: authorities” Michael Walsh, Dec. 19, 2013