Professional sports figures in the Wisconsin area are just as vulnerable to criminal charges as those of us in the general population. Now, one area NFL player has found himself in legal hot water after he was charged with drunk driving when he ran his vehicle off the road in Carver County, Minnesota. Erin Henderson is accused of crashing his vehicle on New Year’s Day. That incident marked the second such arrest for the football veteran in less than two months, according to official reports. Henderson was released from custody after posting a bail of $12,000, and his next court date is scheduled for early March.

Authorities say the driver failed a field sobriety test at the scene of the wreck. Henderson’s vehicle was heavily damaged, according to reports, after it plunged off the road and into a grassy spot near a parking lot. The driver was alone in the vehicle, and he did not appear to have suffered any injuries.

Now, Henderson is facing second- and third-degree DUI charges, along with refusal to take a breath test. Further, authorities say they found the player in possession of a small amount of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia. The player is also accused of violating restrictions on his driver’s license.

This is not the first time that the player has run afoul of the law in recent months; Henderson is facing outstanding drunk driving charges in connection with a Nov. 19 arrest. That arrest was reportedly related to probable cause DWI, along with possession of a controlled substance, according to officials. The case is under review at this time.

Celebrities and everyday people deserve the same level of fair treatment during their criminal cases for drunk driving. An arrest for OWI or DUI does not mean that the defendant is guilty. Instead, defendants should consult a qualified criminal defense attorney, who can help them learn more about their Wisconsin rights and courtroom options.

Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, “Vikings linebacker drove off road before DUI arrest” Tom Pelissero, Jan. 02, 2014