Hearing about warrants for your arrest on any matter can be frightening but fleeing from the city or state isn’t a good idea. Not only does flight create risk and danger for a person, but it could also add to the charges being levied against someone. It’s not clear if a Wisconsin man wanted on alleged domestic violence charges fled the state to avoid arrest, but U.S. Marshals did arrest him in a state in the deep south.

According to reports, the 28-year-old man had warrants issued against him by a Wisconsin police department. The warrants were for domestic violence use of a dangerous weapon and domestic violence stalking. Authorities with the U.S. Marshals office in the other state said they received tips about where the man might be staying.

The Marshals located the man on Thursday, May 8 and made the arrest. He will be held at the county jail in the other state while transportation to Wisconsin is arranged.

Being arrested in another state could complicate defense matters, especially if someone is outside of his or her hometown without a support structure at the time. Finding out as soon as possible what the charges are and how the authorities plan to proceed is important.

In some cases, arrests in another state may even come with charges associated with incidents in that state, creating a situation where jurisdictions must deal with each other over where, how and when a person is tried. When that occurs, it’s important to have representation when possible in such talks to protect your rights and create the best possible situation for your defense.

Source: Times Daily, “Wisconsin man arrested by U.S. marshals” Tom Smith, May. 08, 2014