In June 2012, four Wisconsin women were involved in an accident after a night out. The driver reportedly had a blood alcohol content at the time of the accident that was between 0.212 and 0.294 percent. Two of the passengers died as a result of the single-car crash, and the third woman was seriously injured.

The 26-year-old driver was found guilty in court in May. Court documents show that she was found guilty of killing two women. According to reports, all four women had been drinking the night of the accident. Reports are that one woman was worried about the driver’s impairment and asked to be let out of the car. Allegedly, she was talked back into the car by her sister, who was one of the other passengers.

Details about the case indicate that the three women did ask for a Safe Ride voucher at a local bar. According to reports, the bar was out of vouchers, which is why the women chose to ride with the 26-year-old woman.

According to records, the 26-year-old was driving at a speed near 100 mph at the time of the fatal drunk driving accident. She reportedly lost control of the vehicle. It traveled off the road and into a field, rolling several times.

Being charged with drunk driving is a serious event, but facing charges after someone is killed as a result of a drunk driving accident is even more serious. There are a number of mitigating factors in this case, but the woman was still found guilty of killing two of her passengers. Even after the verdict is passed, criminal defense work is to be done. Defense strategies may still be at work in seeking reduced sentencing in this case, for example.

Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, “Deaths happen when people drive drunk, and we let them: Our View” No author given, May. 21, 2014