For residents of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, facing an OWI charge without the right assistance can result in regretful consequences in the future. Regardless of circumstances, a drunk driving charge can be frightening, leading many people to make rash decisions about pleas or legal action just to get past what may be seen as an embarrassing situation. The truth is that any decision you make regarding a current OWI charge could come back to haunt you.

A conviction on an OWI charge can result in a range of consequences. Financial consequences may include an increase in insurance premiums or a fine. Loss of freedom might include prison time, loss of your driver’s license or the requirement that you blow into an ignition interlock device every time you want to drive somewhere. In most cases, the type of consequence depends in part on how many times a person has been convicted of an OWI in the state.

Because multiple convictions can lead to more serious consequences, it’s essential that all OWI charges are taken seriously. Understanding your rights regarding the charge and what legal options are available to you is important early on with any criminal charge. An experienced advocate can assist with a number of legal matters in any OWI case and may be able to help secure a more positive outcome that doesn’t result in a conviction or results in less stringent consequences.

Reasons to seek the assistance of an experienced OWI attorney include an OWI charge, being charged with refusing a sobriety test or being involved in an accident and subsequently charged with an OWI. No case is hopeless; even if conviction is likely, legal assistance lets you ensure your rights are protected.

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