When facing charges of crimes of a sexual nature, most individuals in Wisconsin would understand the seriousness of the situation. Regardless of the facts, allegations of sex charges can ruin a person’s entire life, as there are social, professional and financial consequences — even if someone is not convicted. Amid such upheaval, confidence in your criminal defense is essential.

If a person is convicted on a sex charge in Wisconsin, the legal consequences can be quite severe. Even a conviction on child pornography charges carries a mandatory prison term of three years in the state. Other sex charges that can result in a person spending years to life in jail include sexual assault, rape, online solicitation of minors and child enticement.

Sex charges can also be filed in cases that involve prostitution, pandering or solicitation. Allegations that you assaulted your spouse sexually can result in sex charges, and the fact that you are married doesn’t bar the charge. Professionals can also be charged with sex crimes if they are accused of inappropriate behavior with someone in their care; that can include professionals such as teachers or doctors but could even expand to cover client relationships of any type.

Often, society automatically assumes someone accused of a sex crime is guilty, which can make it harder to defend against allegations. Because the law still deems people innocent until proven guilty, though, every person who faces criminal allegations should work to present as complete a defense as possible. Seeking experienced assistance in defending against sex crimes can help you change the outcome of a case and protect your future.