For any resident in Eau Claire, regardless of financial, social or political standing, an OWI charge can bring troubles across life. Drunk driving charges are often seen as a social stigma, and being involved in such a case could impact your relationships, friendships, financial standing or career. One way to mitigate the damage caused by an OWI is to take proactive action regarding a defense. No matter what the details are in the case — from a misunderstanding to a situation where you did have something to drink — a criminal defense may be able to reduce outcomes and help you protect the future.

When OWI charges are part of another matter, such as an accident or underage drinking charge, then matters can become even stickier. Some things that can impact the severity of possible consequences of an OWI charge include the addition of other criminal charges, including manslaughter, drug charges or refusals on certain alcohol tests. Even an accident with injury could impact the status of an OWI case, as might additional traffic charges, such as reckless driving.

Understanding how all charges fit together to impact minimum and maximum sentencing requirements is an important component of an OWI case. In some cases, legal professionals may identify certain extraneous charges that negatively impact the case; they may be able to work with prosecutors to drop such charges so sentencing is lightened. In other cases, problems with evidence, the traffic stop or sobriety tests may be leveraged to cause all charges to be dropped.

The outcome of every case is different, and it’s important to keep that in mind. When working on an OWI defense, sometimes the best possible outcome for the future should be the goal, and defendants may need to be willing to settle for an outcome that is less optimal but still protects things such as financial ability and future freedom.