Any criminal charges in Wisconsin are serious, with the potential for long-lasting ramifications. Not only is an arrest made public, which could be embarrassing, for many it can mean job loss. Students facing underage drinking violations may find their educational hopes dashed. Families can be irreparably harmed when one member is convicted of an OWI or OWPAC offense.

Acting fast on drunk driving charges may help reduce the negative outcomes of the situation. Investigation may suggest proper police procedure wasn’t followed before, during or subsequent to the arrest. Was the officer properly trained to use the breath test device? Was probable cause appropriate to the traffic stop in the first place? Answers to these and similar questions are an integral part of a defense strategy. Each arrest has unique components to it.

At the same time, procedures are in place to protect an individual’s rights throughout the process. When a legal advocate is involved on your behalf, these rights and the evidence may be better safeguarded.

When the focus is minimizing the consequences of an arrest, some things should be addressed quickly. Breath test refusal, when combined with operating with prohibited alcohol concentration or operating while impaired charges, requires prompt defensive action to lessen the impact. If an accident occurred, with or without injuries, the seriousness escalates. We believe one of the most harmful things you can do is delay seeking advice on how best to handle the whole situation.

Our training in investigations is similar to the investigative training the police undergo. Solid investigative work and early action can be a cornerstone of any criminal defense.