There are many variables involved in building a solid criminal defense strategy. No less important than a personalized approach to understanding a defendant is a careful, honest evaluation of the evidence. Sometimes, an investigation reveals a strong case for the prosecution. In those instances, plea bargaining or negotiation on a defendant’s behalf might be the route to the best possible outcome.

There are current news reports in the Eau Claire area that illustrate this approach. Allegedly, a 37-year-old Wisconsin man told two local residents he would be able to get Packers football tickets for them through his connections to the team. Records show the two Eau Claire County alleged victims paid $7,040.

Reports are that prosecutors in Wood County filed a complaint against the man based on his alleged scam. It claims he offered tickets to 15 different people, and several of them paid more than $6,000 each for what they believed would be season tickets to the games. According to the complaint, a total of $46,034 is owed in that case. The defendant faces seven felony counts of theft by fraud and six theft misdemeanors in Wood County. A conviction could carry a maximum sentence of 48 years in prison.

The Eau Claire County prosecutors, on the other hand, have reached a plea agreement with the defense. Based on the defendant’s guilty plea to a charge of felony theft, the agreement entails a payment of $1,009 in fees and restitution of the total amount paid by the victims. Other particulars include 40 hours of community service, no illegal activity, no contact with the victims and regular reporting to a deferred agreement coordinator. Successfully completing the terms of the agreement avoids conviction. The defendant reportedly told police he used the alleged scam-generated money to help his brother pay back child support and to pay some of his own overdue bills.

Source: Marshfield News Herald, “Packers-ticket scammer gets plea deal on some cases,” Karen Madden, April. 23, 2015