A woman has passed away after a truck accident that occurred on May 23. The accident happened around 4:30 in the afternoon as the woman was crossing the road.

According to reports, a man driving a truck turned onto the road from a cross street as the woman was walking across the road. The truck struck the woman, causing serious injuries. The woman was taken to a local hospital and was pronounced dead about 1.5 hours after the accident occurred. Reports indicate that the woman died of head injuries, which were significant.

Authorities report that the accident involved a 2001 Ford truck that was being operated by a 38-year-old driver. Police indicate that neither alcohol nor drugs are thought to have played a role in the incident. They are investigating the accident further and have been joined in the endeavor by the county sheriff’s accident reconstruction unit.

Reconstructing accidents is an important part of investigation. It helps authorities and others determine what occurred during an accident, which can be important for both legal and personal reasons. In cases where families lose a loved one in an accident, simply understanding what happened can bring some peace of mind.

In addition to peace of mind, families often need financial assistance after a loss. From covering funeral expenses to managing without a wage earner, families deal with accounting issues at the same time they deal with grief. One way to reduce the strain that such situations can cause is to seek financial recovery through the legal system. When someone else is liable for such accidents, families may be able to recover compensation for some of their loss.

Source: Fox 6 Now, “77-year-old woman dies after being hit by pickup truck in Oconomowoc,” May 23, 2015