Residents in one Wisconsin town are questioning the design of an intersection between the road and a bicycle path after a serious accident occurred in the location. One resident stated that the accident was not surprising, and many people knew it was only time before an accident occurred in the location.

The accident in question happened on June 10 at around 7:30 a.m. A car hit a bicyclist who was attempting to cross the street after coming out of the bicycle trail that intersects the roadway. According to reports from residents, the area is potentially dangerous because the tree line blocks the view of both bicyclists and drivers, so they can’t see each other as they approach the intersection.

Residents also reported that drivers on the road travel at a high rate of speed on occasion, increasing the chances of accidents. The accident that occurred in early June resulted in serious injuries for the bicyclist, who was taken to a local hospital via ambulance.

Homeowners in the area state that many people walk or bike on the trail. To get to the trail, individuals have to enter the street because there isn’t a sidewalk entrance. That adds another element of risk to the area.

Police report that they are still investigating the accident. In cases like this, where both driver action and environment might have played a role in the incident, a liability claim can become complex. There have been cases where victims have successfully sued both another driver and the city or agency responsible for road structure and upkeep, but understanding how to structure a lawsuit and who to name as defendants is an important first step in any case.

Source: WKOW, “Car vs. bicycle crash in Madison raises concerns about intersection,” Gordon Severson, June 10, 2015