Mothers Against Drunk Driving publish a number of statistics and facts about drunk driving in Wisconsin, including the blood alcohol levels at which a person can be charged with drunk driving or alcohol-related crashes. They also publish information about the number of arrests and convictions related to drunk driving in the state.

According to MADD, 30,927 drunk driving arrests occurred within the state in the most recently reported year. Of those arrests, 26,081 convictions occurred and 8,088 were reportedly drunk driver offenders for the fifth time. The ratio of arrests to convictions indicates a low likelihood of someone being arrested and not convicted of drunk driving, which increases your need for criminal defense help if you were charged unfairly with a DUI.

MADD states that the blood alcohol content required for a drunk driving charge in Wisconsin is .08 or higher. However, if a crash occurs or someone is injured in an incident involving vehicles, then someone might be charged or considered at-fault with only a BAC of .01 or higher.

According to MADD, a first drunk driving incident for a person in Wisconsin is not considered a chargeable crime. It is, instead, treated like a traffic ticket. If a person is found to have a BAC of .15 or greater on their first offense, however, they might have to have an ignition lock device installed on their car.

Regardless of your BAC, if you are faced with a drunk driving charge, it can have serious ramifications on all areas of your life. Understanding the details of the law and how to defend against charges–especially if you are facing a second or higher offense–is key to protecting your future.

Source: MADD, “Wisconsin,” accessed July 24, 2015