Although large trucks drive our highways on a regular basis with little incident, colliding with a semi remains an understandable fear of many motorists. While the percent of trucks involved in serious accidents may be small when compared to the number of trucks on the road and miles driven, the truth is that when a semi-truck and a smaller vehicle collide, the smaller vehicle usually loses in a big way. That was the case in a recent accident on a Wisconsin road.

Authorities report that a car and a big rig crashed while traveling in the west-bound lane of an Interstate. The accident caused traffic to back up for around five miles as responders arrived at the scene and authorities began investigations. According to reports, at least one fatality is attributed to the accident, which occurred on the evening of Aug. 24.

One reporter who was at the scene described the state of the car following the accident. He said the car could hardly be recognized, it was so damaged. He also stated that the truck ended up coming to a resting point after it overturned on the side of the Interstate.

When an accident occurs and a large truck is involved, both property damage and bodily injuries can be extensive for those who are in smaller vehicles. If the accident is the fault of the driver, or the driver’s company might be liable for the accident in any way, then victims or surviving families have a possible case for compensation. Understanding how to identify possible defendants in such a lawsuit is the first step toward financial recovery.

Source: Wisc News, “Fatal accident on I-90/94 exit 92 in Lake Delton,” Jeff Smith, Aug. 24, 2015