When Wisconsin residents hear about truck accidents, they often default to believing that it was the fault of the driver of the truck. While truck accidents can definitely be caused by truck drivers, particularly when they are not following rules regarding driving times or properly maintaining vehicles, some accidents can be the fault of drivers in smaller vehicles.

When accidents are caused by car and small vehicle drivers, those drivers are usually engaging in some sort of unsafe activity on the roadway. For example, there are zones behind and near big rig trucks where smaller vehicles should not drive. This is because the driver of the big rig has limited visibility in those areas and might not see another vehicle. Subsequently, the big rig driver might change lanes or turn, running into the other vehicle.

Some other actions that could cause accidents include changing lanes too quickly in front of a large truck, which cannot always stop as fast as a smaller vehicle, or turning in front of a large truck because the speed of the approaching truck was misjudged. Passing a large truck can be dangerous in itself; smaller vehicles should only pass when there is enough room and drivers should remain aware of winds and environmental factors. You can pass a truck which will block winds during the passing maneuver and suddenly be hit by winds when clearing the truck.

When the drivers or passengers of a smaller vehicle sue a truck driver or company during an accident, the defendant might use some of these situations to attempt to lay blame on other drivers. By remaining as safe as possible on the road, you decrease your chance of being in an accident. You also decrease the chance that an accident will be your liability should one occur.

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