From domestic fights to altercations with strangers in a public setting, misunderstandings and arguments can turn physical quickly. Even when they don’t become completely physical, allegations that contact occurred can still result in battery or domestic violence charges. When facing such charges, a strong defense is the best way to protect your reputation and your future.

Some situations that might result in a battery or domestic violence charges include a fight in your home or in any other location between yourself and a significant other. Arguments between friends, a disagreement over money, or anger at another driver or a customer service worker can all become charged situations that end in violence.

You should not have to give up a future simply because you lost your temper in a moment of weakness, and you certainly don’t want your future impacted by false or exaggerated allegations. Often, the law and media approach such cases from the point of view of victims’ rights. However, as someone accused of any crime, you have rights, too.

We are experienced at protecting those rights. We work with you to develop a case that is appropriate for your situation and goals. From bargaining with prosecutors to defending you in court, we help you protect your future and seek the best outcome possible.

Walking away from an argument before things get physical is your best defense, but we understand that isn’t always possible. When tempers flare — or the other person hits first — you might need to defend yourself. And we know that facts aren’t always how accusers present them, which is why we work to investigate your case and come up with a solid defense.