Sex-related charges have a host of life-altering penalties. If you are convicted of a sex-related crime and serve time in prison, the conviction can still follow you around for life because of the sex offender registry. We know that thinking about how a conviction can affect your life is a difficult realization.

When you are facing sex-related charges, you have work to understand your options for defense strategies. There are several options for defending against sex assault charges, but not all options are suitable for every case. It is vital that we discuss your case so that we can determine what options are available for your case.

There are two primary defense options that we can explore for every case. One is that the alleged victim actually consented to the sexual contact. This can often be difficult to prove, but we can explore the option in your case. Claiming that an alleged victim consented isn’t appropriate in all cases. For example, if the case involves a minor, this wouldn’t be a valid defense.

The other primary defense option that we can explore is proving that you are innocent. This can be done in a variety of ways; however, in a case that has certain elements, it might not be a good option. DNA evidence might support this defense, but DNA evidence could also make a claim of innocence difficult to pursue.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, we can help you get started building a defense right away. In some cases, we might be able to explore options that would allow a favorable outcome, such as a reduction in charges or alternative sentencing. Exploring all of these options can help you make informed choices about your defense.