Accidents that pit a semi-truck against a smaller vehicle can lead to very serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle, as well as damage to the smaller vehicle. One of the possible causes of semi-truck accidents is trucker fatigue. Trucker fatigue is one of the causes of semi-truck accidents that is preventable; however, with a focus on delivery times, some trucking companies don’t want to allow appropriate rest for the truckers.

There are several factors that can lead to trucker fatigue. Not all the reasons have to do with the trucker not getting enough sleep. Working irregular hours, driving long hours on a regular basis, driving at night and doing non-physical work can all lead to trucker fatigue. Some drivers might get fatigued when the weather is wet, the cab of the truck is hot or stuffy or the driving is monotonous.

Some truckers aren’t as healthy as others. That can also play a part in a trucker being fatigued. Truckers who are obese, unfit or suffering from medical conditions like diabetes or sleep disorders might become fatigued while they drive.

Driver fatigue is a factor in 40 percent of semi-truck accidents. If you were in an accident caused by a fatigued driver, you might opt to seek compensation for the accident. It is vital that the cause of the fatigue is determined so that you know how to proceed with your claim. In some cases, you might be able to hold the insurance company or the trucking company liable for the accident. It is vital that you determine this at the start of your case so you can include the appropriate parties as defendants.

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