Pets are typically allowed to roam freely about the car, a study has shown, noting that most drivers never use pet restraints when transporting their pets. In fact, it’s been said that 80 percent of drivers will bring pets with them—four out of five—but that a mere 17 percent will then use restraints to keep the animals in one area.

However, drivers are still often concerned about what their pets are doing, which can lead to car accidents. One of the most famous cases where this happened was back in 1999, and it grew to fame because the pedestrian who got hit was world-famous author Stephen King. King has written about the crash in a few different ways, including in his book “On Writing.”

Essentially, the accident happened because a man was driving his van with his dogs along, and he also had a cooler in the van that had meat in it. Smelling the meat, one of the dogs was trying to get into the cooler. The man then took his eyes from the road, turned toward the back of the vehicle, and tried to physically keep the dog from eating the meat.

While he wasn’t looking, he veered off to the side of the road and ran into King, who used to walk along that road frequently for exercise. The author lived through the ordeal, but he had to spend some time in the hospital.

This could have potentially been prevented had the driver been using a pet restraint that would have kept his dog away from the cooler without his intervention, allowing him to watch the road.

Anyone who has been injured in such an accident in Wisconsin may be able to seek compensation.

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