Drunk driving is a serious problem in Wisconsin. In fact, Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving in the nation. For this reason, the state takes a harsh stance against drunk driving. We know that facing drunk driving charges isn’t something that you planned on when you got behind the wheel. We can help you to learn your options for fighting the drunk driving charge placed against you.

We understand that there are some instances in which driving after consuming alcohol isn’t easily avoidable. Still, you should realize that the best option for not having a drunk driving charge on your record is to not drive after drinking. In order to do this, you have to take a few steps before you leave to go to the party. You should try to find a designated driver. You should also make alternate plans for getting home in case you can’t find a designated driver.

If something happens and you are forced to drive home for any reason, you might end up getting stopped. We can help you to ensure that your rights are protected if you do end up facing a drunk driving charge. You should be aware that your defense for drunk driving charges starts as soon as you see the flashing lights behind your vehicle.

You should cooperate with the officers as much as possible, but don’t offer any additional information. You also have the right to have an attorney present. Make sure you exercise that right so that we can help you throughout the process. This also gives us a good start to explore your options for a defense.