Drunk driving is something that might seem pretty harmless, especially when you haven’t had much to drink and feel like you can make it to your destination safely. Even if you think you are fine to drive, there is always the chance that you will make a mistake that would give a law enforcement officer enough of a reason to stop you. In that case, your seemingly harmless drive could have life-altering effects. We know that you don’t want one judgment error to limit the way you live your life.

When you are facing drunk driving charges in Wisconsin, you are facing the possibility of having to spend time in jail, having to pay hefty fines, having to live without a driver’s license, and having to spend time on probation. All of those penalties are in addition to the other social penalties that you might face.

If your occupation is dependent upon your ability to drive, you will end up losing your job because of the drunk driving. You won’t be able to do things that require you to have a clean criminal background. You might even face being treated as an outcast by some people because of your charges.

We can’t take all of the social penalties away from you, but we can work on your behalf to try to minimize the legal penalties you will face. We work hard to develop a defense strategy that can fight against the claims the prosecution makes in your case. You need to be an active part of your case, so we will explain things to you each step of the way.