The injuries that you can suffer during a car accident can range from a few cuts and bruises up to a brain injury or even death. No matter how minor or serious the injuries, chances are good that you will need to seek medical care. Even if you only need to make sure that you don’t have anything wrong that you haven’t noticed, you will likely still need to see a doctor. The problem with that fact is that seeking medical care costs money.

If you were crashed into by a negligent driver, you shouldn’t be on the hook for the costs of medical care and other related costs. Instead, you can seek compensation to hold the negligent driver accountable for the damages associated with the accident. This includes the money you lost if you were unable to work, the cost of medical care, and other expenses.

We can help you to learn about the process for seeking compensation in Wisconsin. From the initial investigation and throughout the entire process, we will help you to understand what is going on and what choices you have. If there is the possibility of negotiating a settlement, we will work on your behalf and with your permission to work out a settlement for you.

If you decide that you want to seek compensation, we must begin working on your case as soon as possible. There are time restrictions that apply to all personal injury cases in Wisconsin. We would hate for you to decide to seek compensation only to find out that you can’t because the statute of limitations has already expired on the case.