Pedestrian accidents are a particularly dangerous type of accident since pedestrians don’t have protection against motor vehicles that can slam into them. When a pedestrian accident does occur, especially in an area that is frequented by pedestrians often, studying the location of the accident to determine if anything can be done to increase pedestrian safety is often done.

One pedestrian accident, which claimed the life of a 32-year-old pedestrian, has brought the issue of pedestrian safety up. The accident occurred at an intersection near the Medical College of Wisconsin. A big factor in this case is that the area is on a college campus where pedestrian traffic is heavy. One runner noted that it seems drivers in the area aren’t as cognizant of pedestrians in the area than what he has noted in other cities. That point shows that drivers need to take the few extra seconds to ensure pedestrians in the area aren’t going to be struck as they drive.

The Medical College of Wisconsin noted that while a study is being done on the intersection, steps are being taken to help increase safety. Visual enhancements are being installed and contracts are being considered with crossing guards. The county supervisor noted that he isn’t too sure what else can be done, but that Milwaukee County will do whatever it takes to improve safety at the intersection.

In areas that are pedestrian-heavy, drivers must make sure to be extra careful. When a pedestrian is struck, serious injuries or even a fatality might occur. The victim of the accident or the victim’s personal representative might choose to seek compensation related to the accident.

Source: TMJ4, “Intersection near Medical College of Wisconsin evaluated after fatal accident,” Casey Geraldo, April 15, 2016