One of the primary factors that must be considered if you are planning on seeking compensation after a semi-truck accident. The cause of the accident can help to determine the defendants in the lawsuit. Interestingly, the cause of semi-truck accidents isn’t always the result of the driver’s actions.

In some cases, the trucking company might be responsible for the accident. This might be the case if the trucker was rushing trying to meet deadlines that are unreasonable or border on unreasonable. It can also be the case if the trucker is under excessive stress or isn’t able to follow the federal hours of service guidelines. Bad working conditions and improper loading by someone other than that trucker might also cause accidents.

There are also cases in which the equipment on the semi-truck is to blame for the accident. Faulty brakes, defective components, and incorrectly installed components can all lead to a serious trucking accident. When the equipment is to blame for the accident, the primary consideration becomes determining who was responsible for the equipment failure. This might be the person who performed maintenance on the truck, the manufacturer of the component, the manufacturer of the semi-truck, or other parties.

Trucker errors can also lead to trucking accidents in Wisconsin. For the people who are injured in these accidents, trying to find the cause is often too much to think about. Still, this is a very important part of a claim for compensation so it is necessary to do the work or have someone do the work to determine this important factor for your case.

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