Your vehicle’s airbag is meant to help protect you from injuries when you are involved in an accident. There are instances in which your airbag can actually cause injuries, but those injuries aren’t likely going to be as serious as they would have been if the airbag hadn’t have deployed.

Why would an airbag cause injuries?

An airbag can cause injuries because of the force that it takes to deploy. That force, along with the powder that is on the airbag, can lead to facial injuries, eye injuries, and injuries along your upper body. There isn’t much you can do to prevent airbag injuries except ensure you sit 10 inches from the steering wheel or as far back from the dashboard as possible, don’t allow children who aren’t yet 13 to sit in the front seat, and wear your seatbelt.

Do I need medical care for an airbag injury?

It is usually a good idea to seek medical care if your airbag deployed in an accident. You should seek care right away if you have a bad headache, feel confused, have chest pain, or notice that your wounds are red, swollen, or painful. If you develop a cough, have eye pain or irritation, or have hearing changes, you should contact your doctor for treatment.

Airbag injuries can sometimes be serious. Once you have gotten the medical care you need, you might decide to seek compensation for the airbag injury and other injuries that you suffered in the accident. Make sure that you understand the process and your responsibilities before you proceed.

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