Your spouse making accusations of domestic violence is something that can turn your life upside down. If you have children, these accusations might mean that you can’t see your children. They can lead to your having an order of protection that states you can’t see your spouse. You might be told that you have to leave your own home. We know how difficult this situation can be. We are here to help you learn about your rights when it comes to fighting against the order of protection and any criminal charges that might come from the accusations.

We understand that many accusations of domestic violence are based on domestic situations that got out of hand. Even though your spouse might decide that she or he doesn’t want the charges against you to stand, the prosecution might still decide to continue with case. That means that you will have to get your defense ready.

A defense against domestic violence charges is very important. Being convicted of domestic violence can mean that you can’t own a gun. It might bar you from certain occupations. It is a mark on your criminal record that might prevent you from obtaining housing. As you can imagine, being classified as someone who committed domestic violence can impact every aspect of your life.

We know that your ultimate goal is to be found not guilty. We can’t promise that will happen, but we can promise to fight to keep the penalties that you face to a minimum. We will fight on your behalf against the charges you face.