Allowing your child to join community activies and clubs is often touted as a way for them to build character and get to know other children. You put your trust in the people who are responsible for your child, especially if they are going on trip that requires them to ride in motor vehicles. Parents of some Boy Scouts might be questioning that trust after an accident that occurred on Wisconsin 29.

The Boy Scouts were in sport utility vehicles that crashed into each other. The troop leader was in the first SUV and swerved off the road. He over-corrected and ended up losing control of the SUV, which was carrying a trailer. That SUV struck the second SUV, which was also carrying Boy Scouts.

All total, six people were hospitalized after the SUV crash. None of the people who were involved in the accident were thrown from the vehicle. However, the troop leader did suffer a severe head injury and had to be taken to the hospital via air transport. It isn’t believed that any of the injuries are life threatening.

Driving any vehicle requires concentration and skill. When you are pulling a trailer, the skill needed is even greater. This accident involving the Boy Scouts shows that you have to be cognizant of everything around you and how your actions will affect your vehicle when you drive.

For people who are injured in accidents that were caused by other drivers, seeking compensation is one way that they might try to reduce the financial devastation of the accident. Knowing how to build the case is the first step in getting it going.

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette, “6 hospitalized in Boy Scouts troop car crash,” Adam Rodewald, July 23, 2016