Two men were driving a Dodge Viper — the 2001 model — at speeds that police say went over 100 miles per hour. They eventually crashed the supercar, and both of them were taken away from the scene with serious injuries.

The accident happened in Sherman, and the emergency call was made to the Sheboygan County Emergency Dispatch Center right around 1:50 in the afternoon. Only the Viper was involved in the wreck.

Reports indicate that a 56-year-old man was behind the wheel of the car. For reasons unknown — though possibilities are discussed below — he swerved and went off of the left side of the road. The sports car rammed into a culvert and was thrown into the air. It flew into the nearby treeline, slamming into at least two different trees before it landed and came to a stop.

The vehicle was badly mangled, and the 61-year-old passenger was trapped inside. The emergency crews had to use the Jaws of Life to cut him out. Both men were then picked up by Theda Star medical helicopters, and their injuries were said to be life-threatening.

No charges have yet been made and the investigation continues, but police do think alcohol may have been involved. Naturally, speed was also an issue in this wreck.

Even in single-car accidents, it’s important for passengers who are injured to know what rights they may have to compensation, especially if a drunk and reckless driver was behind the wheel and caused the accident. Passengers in this situation could be facing life-altering injuries, high medical bills, and many other issues — such as pain and suffering — for which compensation can be sought in Wisconsin.

Source: Sheboygan Press, “2 men seriously injured in Sherman crash,” accessed Sep. 23, 2016