On Aug. 25, our blog post discussed how people might misunderstand automatic brakes and what they can do. That blog post brought up the thought of how complicated it might be when a vehicle component is considered a factor in a car accident. When that happens, determining who is liable for the injuries you suffered might be difficult. In those cases, we have to start at the beginning of the incident and look at everything possible to determine who should have to pay for the damages.

These cases might start with the design of the vehicle that struck you. They can include looking for other accidents that were similar to your accident to determine if there is a chain of accidents with the same elements. If we unearth that type of scenario, looking into the safety of the vehicle or component is necessary.

There is a chance that a car accident case could have multiple defendants that range from the driver and his or her insurance company to the vehicle designer and component manufacturer. It is imperative that we consider all of the options that are possible so that we hold the correct parties responsible when we file your case.

If you think that it is daunting to have to go up against large corporations like insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers, you shouldn’t worry. We won’t leave you to your own devices when it is time to battle. We are here to represent your interests and work to get you the compensation that can help to repay you what you’ve spent because of the injuries you suffered in the crash.