Facing a criminal charge can lead some people to do things that don’t really make much sense. One of these things is to watch television shows or movies and think that the tactics that are used in these will work for your defense.

We know that isn’t the way things work in the real world. We are here to help you learn what options for defense you have based on the circumstances of your case.

It is important for you to understand that what works for a drunk driving case won’t necessarily work for a murder case. We have to use an individualized defense strategy that is built just for your case.

The goal of the prosecutor is to prove that you committed a crime. That proof can’t leave any room for reasonable doubt. That is why we must call the prosecution’s case into question. If questions remain, the prosecution didn’t present a case that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that you did the crime.

If you did commit the crime and are open to considering a plea deal, we will work on that for you. We won’t stop working on your defense, however, because there is always a chance that you will end up going to trial. Instead, we pursue more than one avenue at a time so that you can have choices.

As your case moves forward, we will let you know what options you have. You are the focal point of your case, so it is crucial that you remain an active participant in planning your defense strategy.