As summer approaches, the topic of distracted driving is an increasingly important one. The weather is getting better and children are playing outdoors, meaning that drivers need to be especially careful and attentive behind the wheel. Teen drivers, who are some of the most likely to drive distracted, will be spending more time behind the wheel as they work summer jobs and travel.

Unfortunately, there is no easy cure for distracted driving. It must be a personal choice to put away your cellphone and pay attention to the road. That being said, sending that safety message to drivers sometimes requires an attention-grabbing display. Recently, a pair of elementary students devised such a display, and it is getting news coverage around the country.

In Massachusetts, two elementary students proposed changing the crosswalk outside of their school. Instead of the traditional white lines running across the road, the students wanted to use an optical illusion to make the lines appear to be three-dimensional and floating above the ground. Each 3D bar even appears to cast its own shadow.

Their idea was approved and was painted on the street by a local artist. It is visually interesting and unique enough that drivers naturally slow down when they approach it.

According to news reports, similar optical illusions have been painted on streets in China and England for the same purpose. It is a clever bit of social engineering that gets people paying attention to something they might normally ignore because it looks different than they expect it to.

Will solutions like this solve our distracted driving problem? The answer is no. But anything that raises awareness about this important safety issue is a welcome idea – especially from young students.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a distracted driver, it’s important to understand your rights and legal options. Please discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in your area.