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Minor reduction in traffic fatalities in 2018

Welcome to our new, revised website. Whether you are a past client, friend, or someone just looking for legal help, we appreciate your interest in Hertel Law, S.C. I’m used to saying “we” when it comes to this firm, as we have always provided help to those in need through a team effort. Our paralegals, Sue, Brenda and Arlene are a vital part of how we respond to, communicate with, and plan and prepare for meeting our clients’ needs. In the past, I have had a number of attorneys who have been mentored by and/or worked for or with me, and have always relied on them for covering client cases when I could not. Two former partners, Steve Gibbs and Sarah Harless, have gone on to become Circuit Court Judges, reflecting the quality of reputation this firm has enjoyed. Most recently, I have become a sole practitioner for the first time in my nearly 43 years of practicing law, which means that if you hire this firm, I will be your attorney. As talented and capable as my colleagues have been, I have made a commitment to be the attorney you still want on your side for a long time to come. As I often respond when asked when I’ll retire, I have two responses:

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I greatly enjoy helping people through difficult circumstances and like to think I have made a difference in how I have affected the results in their lives. I intend for that to continue. Just ask our landlord who is negotiating a new lease through mid-2021 at the minimum. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free initial consultations, email us with your concerns, or stop in if you’re a former client and just wish to say hello. Also feel free to look at our revitalized Facebook page as well. It is our goal to provide you the best possible legal representation and advice whether in having to go to trial, or determining a way that it is not necessary in satisfactory mediation or negotiations. We want you to continue to view us as the law firm you still want on your side. Thanks, Harry.

A preliminary report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that fatal traffic accidents in 2018 fell by one percent. While the agency is working to reduce the death rate by a much larger number, this small decline is seen as a good sign. This is the second year that fatality rates in Wisconsin and the rest of the country have gone down since the spike in rates that occurred in 2015.

Despite the reduction in traffic fatalities, many remain concerned that America's roadways are unsafe due to a wide range of factors. Some experts blame distracted driving due to cell phones and other electronic devices. Many even worried that the problem would send traffic fatality rates back 40 or 50 years. Even with these new hazards, however, it is statistically safer to drive in America today than it was at any point before 2009.

Another major point of concern for the NHTSA is the amount of pedestrian and cyclist deaths. Data indicates a four percent rise in pedestrian fatalities and a 10 percent rise in bicycle fatalities. Pedestrians account for 16 percent of all deaths in automobile accidents. This is likely due to urbanization trends as well as distractions from electronic devices.

Individuals or families affected by personal injuries or deaths as the result of car accidents may be able to get compensation for their suffering with help from an attorney. Attorneys may work on a case without any fees unless they are able to get the compensation their client deserves. In some cases, funds might be obtained relatively quickly in a settlement, but going to court may be necessary in some situations.

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