There are many ways technology has improved the criminal justice system in Wisconsin. As technology continues to evolve, there is even more on the horizon that can make changes to benefit not only law enforcement but you. A common issue within law enforcement is arresting the wrong person. There is an idea that by using artificial intelligence, law enforcement could put an end to wrongful arrests and associated issues, such as racial profiling.

Forbes explains the AI technology using facial recognition software could be the next big thing. Such programs could help take decisions away from officers and make them more clinical and fairer. Using AI to assess suspects removes biases or underlying discrimination.

However, there is a catch. AI does not just exist on its own. Such programs are based on existing information, so the programs could potentially have bias built right in. AI simply follows patterns that it learns, so if the patterns are not without bias and discrimination, then the program cannot be without those things.

It could take much longer to develop systems that come from a pure standpoint to identify faces without bias. The idea, though, is intriguing. Having a criminal justice system based purely on facts and evidence is the ideal. Right now, there is the human factor that plays into every single case. This can introduce issues, such as discrimination. If someone can create AI that can leave behind those human issues and make assessments free of the human mind, then that could work wonderfully. It is at least a bright spot in the future that will likely happen one day. This information is for education and is not legal advice.