Regardless of whether you have a DUI on your record in Wisconsin or if you are vehemently against drunk driving, it is probably agreeable to say that driving while under the influence is dangerous and wrong. It is difficult to argue that something that leads to so many deaths every year is not bad. In addition, if you have a DUI charge, you can probably agree that if you could go back, you would do anything to avoid getting that charge. With all of that in mind, you may find it wonderful that Forbes notes technology could help put a stop to drunk driving.

Technology can do so many wonderful things, and that may now include preventing you from getting behind the wheel and driving when you have had too much to drink. One of the top technologies is the interlock devices that are already in use in many locations. These devices test your breath for alcohol content to determine if you are over the legal limit. If you are, then your car will not start. This could be a saving grace if you feel okay to drive, but then find out you are not legal to drive.

This is by far the most popularly used technology, and it has shown to be effective. There is now a move to try to get it installed on every vehicle at the manufacturer. The idea is to make it standard, so nobody can drive a vehicle without testing their alcohol level first.

Other technology, such as driver assistance system could also play a role in helping reduce drunk driving accidents as the vehicle can correct bad driving habits. Autonomous vehicles are another technology that may help keep drunk drivers off the roadways. There is a lot going on in this area, so the future could hold many things to help stop DUIs. This information is for education and is not legal advice.