If you get into an accident in Wisconsin with a large truck, the chances are very good that you and your vehicle will suffer the most damage. The sheer size of a truck compared to your vehicle puts you at an immediate disadvantage. While we cannot remove trucks from the roadways, there are things the government has done to try to make them safer to share the roadways with. One example, as explained by Forbes, is underride protection.

Underride protection includes guards on the back and sometimes sides of the truck bed that prevent a car from going underneath the truck. They are incredibly effective at doing their job. Without the protection in place, you run the risk of going completely under the truck, which would pose a serious decapitation risk.

Side underride protection is newer than the guards on the rear of the truck. However, the results of testing show they are equally as effective at keeping other drivers safe. While rear accidents occur more often, side accidents are still a large problem, so having these guards on the side as well as the rear can really keep you and others on the road much safer.

Rear protection is already required by law, but side protection is not yet. There is a huge push for it to become law and ensure that every truck has these guards in place. In addition, testing has shown that the material used for underride guards is equally important because some materials are not strong enough to do the job. This is leading to additional regulations to ensure all guards, rear and side, are not only required but also that certain strong materials are a mandate. This information is for education and is not legal advice.