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The results of a criminal conviction in Wisconsin can be devastating and long lasting. They can include fines, restitution, driver’s license suspension, firearms restrictions, time in jail or prison, and problems with employment and housing, especially with a sex crime conviction.

As we have all been taught, a person charged with a crime in the United States is innocent until proven guilty. Though the state and the prosecutor appear to have much greater power than the accused in any criminal case, the accused person has the right to defend himself or herself with the help of a lawyer.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, we can represent you vigorously and wholeheartedly in court. For a free consultation, call our Eau Claire office at 715-598-2761.

Experienced Defense Lawyer For OWI, Drug Charges And Violent Crimes

At Hertel Law, S.C., we provide strong representation to people who have been accused of crimes in state courts in Wisconsin. With an extensive criminal practice background dating to 1976, we have represented clients in 48 Wisconsin counties. We have represented ordinary citizens from all walks of life, as well as law enforcement officers and other attorneys. We have successfully handled everything from misdemeanors to murder trials. We can help you if your case involves:

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