The Impact Of Sex Crimes Charges

In cases involving sex crimes charges, sex offender registration can leave a permanent mark on your life. The possibilities include damage to your reputation, jail time and long-term sex offender registration.

If you have been accused of any sex crime, it is essential to protect your legal rights. An experienced lawyer can help you defend yourself and work toward the best possible outcome, which could include a reduction of the charges, alternative sentencing or acquittal.

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We Understand Sex Crimes Charges

At Hertel Law, S.C., in Eau Claire, our criminal defense firm offers strategic, aggressive representation to people who have been accused of sex crimes in Wisconsin. We can help you protect your rights and reach the best possible outcome if your case involves:

  • Sexual assault charges, which can relate to a violent act like rape or to intimate touching
  • Sexual assault of children or statutory rape, which can involve a relationship between a teenager and an older person
  • A relationship crime between a professional and a patient or client
  • An assault within marriage, which is not a bar to a sex crime
  • Internet crimes such as online solicitation of a minor
  • Child pornography, which can carry a mandatory three-year prison term and which can be defended against with proper knowledge of the technologies that are usually involved
  • Felony child enticement
  • Pandering, solicitation or prostitution charges

Our firm has handled hundreds of cases involving sex crime charges in the Chippewa Valley and across Western Wisconsin.

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